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Dive Master Course

700 Euro/ 21 Days

21 Days - 30 Days

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Have you been diving a lot and really love it! why not became an instructor and make career out of it?

join our professional team at orca diving center for several weeks to push your limits and develop  your skills through water skills exercises, workshops and hands on practical assessment.

During this time you will be exposed to the working life at scuba diving profession and we will help you guide other divers confidently and be charge of variety of scuba diving activities.

All of this will guarantee your successful career! 

Age: 18 years up

Duration: Min 3-4 weeks

requirements before start: CPR and First Aid certification within 24 months 

Logged dives required to start: 40 dives

Logged dives required to finish: 60 dives  

Price 700Euro for 21 days or 800 Euro 31 days

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