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Advanced Course

240 Euro

2-3 Days

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Now after completing your open water course the second level is the advanced open water course. at this level you will become an advanced certified diver, you will be able to dive down to 40 m.  and that will gave you access to way more diving sites around the world.

This course is divided into 5 dives. the first 2 dives are "core" dives which are underwater navigator and deep dive.

the second 3 dives are chosen from PADI adventure manual. The popular ones are 'Peak Performance Bouncy',  'Underwater Naturalist', 'Drift Diving' and 'Night Diving'. 

Age: 12 years up

Duration: 2  - 3 days

Core Dives: 2dives 

Adventure Dives: 3 dives

Dive sites: any site around Dahab based on the chosen dives from PADi adventure manual

Price includes license, manual, full equipment & guide

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