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Scuba Lessons

Introductory Dive

Curious about diving but have your own fears? then before spending alot of money in Certified courses just try the introductory dive. 

briefly know about your equipment and dive with instructor holding you from the back .

Age: 10 years up

Duration:  1 Day 

Included Dive:  1 hr 1 Dive

Dive sites: Lighthouse or el mashraba Dahab

 Price includes Equipment & Guide 

Scuba Divers

Discover Scuba Dive

Explore the underwater world and get to know how does it feel to breath underwater! Easily and simply you will learn all the steps to be a certified PADI diver

we definitely recommend Discover Scuba Dive if you are not yet sure whether to start the PADI certified courses or not


Age: From 10 years up

Duration: 1 Day

Included Dive: 2 Dives

Dive sites: Lighthouse or el mashraba Dahab

Price  includes Equipment & guide 

Diving with Fish

Open Water Course

 the first course to become certified PADI diver is the open water course. It will  enable you to dive down to 18 m. This course is divided into 3 easy steps. 

first step is gaining knowledge about the under water life and the scuba gears. 

second steps is diving in shallow water (max. 5 m. depth)

third step is diving in the open water ( 18 m. depth)


Age: 10 years up

Duration: 3 - 5 days from

Included dives: 

Dive sites: El mashraba Dahab

Price includes license, manual, full equipment & guide


$250 (~4000LE)
diving with camel neptune dahab.jpg

Advanced Course

Now after completing your open water course the second level is the advanced open water course. at this level you will become an advanced certified diver, you will be able to dive down to 40 m.  and that will gave you access to way more diving sites around the world.

This course is divided into 5 dives. the first 2 dives are "core" dives which are underwater navigator and deep dive.

the second 3 dives are chosen from PADI adventure manual. The popular ones are 'Peak Performance Bouncy',  'Underwater Naturalist', 'Drift Diving' and 'Night Diving'. 

Age: 12 years up

Duration: 2  - 3 days

Core Dives: 2dives 

Adventure Dives: 3 dives

Dive sites: any site around Dahab based on the chosen dives from PADi adventure manual

Price includes license, manual, full equipment & guide


$250 (~4000LE)

Emergency First Response

Whether you want to become a dive master or just advanced diver it is very important to learn what should be your first response in case of emergency. also this EFR training is a mandatory before taking the Rescue Course

Age: 10 years up

Duration: 1 days

Training: 1 Session

Price include license, manual, full equipment & guide 

$112 (~1790LE)
Rescue-diver- padi dahab.jpg

Rescue Course

learn how to rescue your buddy or anyone sinking in this very helpful course. At this course you will gain the skills to deal with a variety of emergency situations. before you apply to Rescue Course it is a mandatory to be trained on EFR 

Age: 12 years up

Duration: 3 - 4 days from

Included dives: 5 rescue training including 10 rescue exercises 

Price include license, manual, full equipment , transportation & guide

$280 (~4500LE)
turtle diving neptune dahab.jpg

Dive Master Course

Have you been diving a lot and really love it! why not became an instructor and make career out of it?

join our professional team at orca diving center for several weeks to push your limits and develop  your skills through water skills exercises, workshops and hands on practical assessment.

During this time you will be exposed to the working life at scuba diving profession and we will help you guide other divers confidently and be charge of variety of scuba diving activities.

All of this will guarantee your successful career! 

Age: 18 years up

Duration: Min 2-3 weeks / Recommended 6-8 weeks

requirements before start: CPR and First Aid certification within 24 months 

Logged dives required to start: 40 dives

Logged dives required to finish: 60 dives  


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