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With Neptune Dahab Hotel, you'll have the opportunity to experience the best of Dahab's natural wonders. Book now and embark on a journey that you'll remember for years to come!

Bluehole+ AboGaloom+ Bluelagoon
البلوهول+ ابوجالوم + بلولاجون

Discover the natural wonders of Dahab with an adventure-packed trip to Blue Hole, Abu Galum, and Blue Lagoon. Book with Neptune Dahab Hotel for a hassle-free journey that takes you to some of the most beautiful spots in the region.

First, we'll take you to Blue Hole, a world-famous diving site with stunning coral reefs and vibrant marine life. if you are not a good swimmer, you can get a lifejacket and enjoy this unforgettable snorkeling experience.

Next, we'll go to the Bedouin villages of Abu Galum (by fishing boat), a protected area that offers stunning landscapes and an authentic glimpse into local culture and traditions.

Finally, we'll head to Blue Lagoon (by car), a serene oasis with calm, turquoise waters that offer the perfect spot for swimming and snorkeling. Soak up the sun on the soft white sands and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of this hidden gem.

 Price: 450 LE per person + 10$ ticket
Including : Transportation & snorkeling tools &
lunch & tickets

التحرك : ٩.٣٠ ص ، الرجوع٤.٣٠  أو  ٥
 سعر: ٣٥٠ج للمصرى

شامل : الإنتقالات و ال الغداء و عدة ال سنوركلينج

Full day Yacht
يوم كامل باليخت

Discover Dahab's marine wonders with a full-day snorkeling trip by yacht. Explore Blue Hole's crystal-clear waters, Ras Abu Galum's stunning scenery, or Three Pools' shallow, sandy bottom heading to a special site, Gabr el Bent. Snorkel among colorful fish and vibrant coral reefs, or simply relax on the yacht's deck and soak up the sun. Book now for an unforgettable adventure in the Red Sea!

From: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
 Price: 450 LE per person
Including : transportation & snorkling tool & life
Jacket & lunch & drinks

التحرك الساعة ٨ ص ،، و الرجوع ٤،٥ م
 سعر : ٤٠٠ج للمصرى 
شامل : الإنتقالات و الفطار والغداء اوبن بوفية و مشروبات

و سترة النجاة


Experience the wonder of the sea as you glide through the water in a comfortable submarine and observe the variety of colorful sea creatures up close to you. This unique experience is suitable for all ages and levels of experience.

From: 1:00 Pm to 3:00 Pm

 Price: 750 LE 

including transportation and drink 

التحرك الساعة ١م و الرجوع ٣ م
 سعر: ٢٥٠ المصرى-  ٣٠٠ العربى 
شامل الإنتقالات و مشروب

Ras Shitan & Weshwash valley
راس شيطان و وادي الوشواش

explore these stunning locations for an unforgettable adventure.

At Ras Shitan, you'll enjoy crystal-clear waters and a soft sandy beach, perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing. Then, head to Wadi El Weshwash, a beautiful valley with lush vegetation and stunning mountain views. Explore the winding paths and hidden waterfalls, and take a dip in the refreshing pools.

From: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
 Price: 450 LE per person

Including : transportation & Bedouin guide & lunch

التحرك : ٩ ص ، الرجوع ٤،٥ أو ٥
 سعر: ٤٠٠ج للمصرى 
شامل : الإنتقالات و ال الغداء و الدليل البدوى

canyon & Ain Khudra Oasis
الكانيون و واحة عين خضرة

Embark on the stunning natural wonders of Dahab. Join us on a trip to Canyon and Ain Khudra Oasis and explore the beauty of the desert.

Start your journey at the stunning Canyon, a deep and narrow gorge with towering rock formations. Hike through the canyon's winding paths and take in the breathtaking scenery.

Next, visit Ain Khudra Oasis, a lush green haven in the middle of the desert. Discover the hidden pools and waterfalls, and marvel at the natural beauty of the oasis.

Start at 9:00 AM and return at about 4:30 pm

 Price: 450LE +300LE Car permission

Including: transportation + Launch + Guide

التحرك الساعة ٩ ص و العودة على ٤.٣٠ م

 سعر: ٤٠٠ج للمصرى
شامل : الإنتقالات و ال الغداء و الشاى البدوى و الدليل البدوى
( الغذاء فى واحة عين خضراء )

Night at the mountain
سهرة في الجبل

join us for an unforgettable evening of entertainment and culture. Enjoy a traditional Bedouin show featuring mesmerizing fire dances, lively belly dancing, and soulful Bedouin songs.

Relax and unwind in a cozy Bedouin setting while sipping on delicious Bedouin tea and taking in the enchanting atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the rich culture of the Bedouin people and experience their warm hospitality.

Book now with Neptune Dahab Hotel and discover the magic of the Sinai desert through a night of fire shows, belly dancing, Bedouin song, and Bedouin tea. Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience the vibrant culture of the Bedouin and Egyptian people.

start: 20:00 by jeep return 00:00

 Price 100LE

Including transportation & Bedouin tea

رحلة سهرة جبل الطويلات
التحرك ال
ساعة ٨،٥ م ، و الرجوع ١١،٥ م
 سعر: ١٠٠ج للمصرى
شامل : الإنتقالات و الشاى البدوى

St. Catherine and Moses Mount trip
رحلة سانت كاترين و جبل موسى

Experience the historical and spiritual treasures of the Sinai mountains with an overnight trip to St. Catherine's Monastery and Mount Moses.

Our expert guide will take you on a tour to the top of Moses Mount. Witness the stunning views of the desert and the sunrise from the summit.


Then head to St. Catherine's Monastery, one of the oldest working monasteries in the world. Marvel at the ancient architecture and priceless religious artifacts freely with no guide.

After a quick tour of St. Catherine monastery, we will return back to the hotel by bus

Don't miss this unique opportunity to explore the treasures of the Sinai mountains.

From 10:00 Pm until 1:00 Pm (nest day)
including: transportations, guied, ticket

 Pice 450LE 

رحلة الوادي المقدس, حيث أقدم دير مازال يعمل حتي الان و جبل سيدنا موسى الذي كلم  الله من عليه و استقبل الوصايا العشر

التحرك الساعة ١٠ م ، و الرجوع ١١ ص تانى يوم
كل يوم ما عدا خميس و السبت

 سعر ٣٥٠ج للمصرى

شامل : الإنتقالات و تذاكر دخول المحمية و الدليل البدوى للجبل فقط

beach Buggy safari
رحلة البيتش باجي

Join us for an exciting quad bike trip to Wadi Twilight. We'll start the journey by riding quad bikes through the desert, whether at sunrise or sunset. Take in the breathtaking views of the desert as we make our way to Wadi Twilight.

Once we arrive at Wadi Twilight, we'll take a break and enjoy the serene atmosphere of the desert. Take a moment to relax and immerse yourself in the beauty of the landscape before we head back to Dahab.

At sunset: 4:00 Pm or At sunrise: 3:30 AM

 Price: 300LE Single,  400LE Double 

غروب ( التحرك ٤)
شروق ( التحرك ٣،٥ الفجر )
جبل الطويلات
 السعر للمصرى سينجل ب ٢٥٠ج ، دبل ب ٣٠٠ج


3 pools by (jeep, Quad bike, or camel)
الثري بولز بالجيب او البيتش باجي او الجمل

 Immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea and discover the diverse marine life.

We'll start the journey by taking (Jeeb, Quad bike, or Camel) to the snorkeling site, with stunning views of the coastline along the way. Once we arrive at 3 Pools, our expert guide will provide you with snorkeling equipment and brief you on the best spots to explore.

Take in the vibrant colors and shapes of the coral reef, and swim alongside a variety of fish, including angelfish, butterflyfish, and parrotfish.

After a morning of snorkeling, we'll head back to Dahab, filled with unforgettable memories of the Red Sea.

From: 11 Am till 4 pm

For a normal trip by Jeep

 Price 150LE 

By quad bike
 Price: 250 LE per person

By Quad bike and camel

 Price 500LE

Including transportation & snorkeling tools

التحرك الساعة 11 ص و العودة 4 م

الرحلة العادية بالجيب

 السعر 150ج للمصري

بالبيتش باجي 

 السعر 250ج للمصري

بالبيتش باجي  و الجمل 

 السعر 400ج للمصري

شامل الانتقالات و العدة 

Fun Dive

Experience the thrill of diving with a fun dive. The expert dive team will guide you through the stunning underwater landscape, showcasing the vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life. Whether you're a seasoned diver or a first-timer, our team will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Take in the vibrant colors and shapes of the coral reef, and swim alongside a variety of fish, including angelfish, butterflyfish, and parrotfish. The dive team will point out interesting landmarks and provide insight into the marine life you'll encounter.

1 fun diving including equipment and guide

 Price: 500LE

غطسة واحدة شاملة العدة و المدرب

 السعر 400ج للمصري


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