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Learning to dive is one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

Earning your PADI certification will forever change the way you see the world, both above and below the surface

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Scuba Lessons

 A uniquely spectacular visual journey through     the wildlife and landscapes of the Sinai peninsula.

Scuba Divers

 A uniquely spectacular visual journey through     the wildlife and landscapes of the Sinai peninsula.

A study on Dahab life style analyzing its 90s phenomena which is the sexual interactions between Ehyptian men and foreign women . the book examines these issues in the light of globalization , tourism and hegemonic demands of family and gender within Egyptian society. 

Underwater Scuba Diving

This book is sequel to "Dive Navigator" series. Here you can find the most interesting and popular dive sites around of Dahab city. The main purpose of this book is to help sorting out which of the dive sites are more suitable for you. Having found this out you will be able to design your own program to get acquainted with the underwater world of the red sea.

Silhouette of Scuba Divers

Seated at the crossroads of Asia and Africa, and bounded by the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, Sinai has long attracted travelers to its ancient caravan routes and haunting landscapes. From early Christian pilgrims to medieval merchants and nineteenth-century Europeans on the Grand Tour, visitors to Sinai have frequently left written accounts of their experiences in this historic peninsula. In this wide-ranging anthology, Deborah Manley and Sahar Abdel-Hakim have collected dozens of accounts and observations from travelers who have written about Sinai, its people, its sights, and its historical and biblical landmarks.

Silhouette of Scuba Divers

Over 250 species are included in this compact and easy to use guide, with clear photographs , a regional distribution map and thumbnail silhouettes to help readers identify each species.

Silhouette of Scuba Divers

It is an easy guide to understand everything about Egypt's culture, history, customs, etiquette and travelling.

 168 PP. paperback

Silhouette of Scuba Divers

An ideal companion for anyone interested in growing desert plants, bith in Egypt an in similar desert environments elsewhere in the world. it provides efficient for cultivating gardens with guidance on where to obtain the plant material for propagation and cultivation. Springuel illustrated 38 of the most popular species of desert flora with historical details about its uses in ancient Egyptian medicine and culture. Also she included in this book material for beginners who want a small and simple private garden as well as for any planning extensive landscaping around a hotel or historical monument.

176 pp. paperback.

Silhouette of Scuba Divers

It develops star-correlation theory about the Giza pyramids in Egypt and reveals an amazing "Grand Unified Plan" which involves the wonderful temple of upper Egypt. Much has been written as to how the Egyptians might have aligned their monuments with such high precision, but the question that has always remained unanswered is, why - why did the ancient puts so much emphasis on astronomical alignments? And what could be the function practical or symbolic behind these mysterious alignments?

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